TIGER 21 Plants Roots in Singapore | The Business Times 


Debra Xu

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January 3, 2024

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Press Article

They could say, ‘Here are the things I’m struggling with’. It could be family transition or how to invest their money better. The entire Group spends two to three hours to provide guidance to that Member.

Kanu Gupta, Singapore TIGER 21 Chair

TIGER 21 recently launched its first Asia Group in Singapore, with additional Groups in the region currently in the works. Spotlighted in a recent article in The Business Times, this Group location allows wealth creators from the Eastern Hemisphere to gather and connect. TIGER 21’s Chief Operating Officer Greg Wells, as well as Singapore Chairs Kanu Gupta and Hon Mun Yip, were featured along with insights on TIGER 21’s global network and the benefits of membership.  
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