From Top Angel Investor to TIGER 21 Chair: Podcast Interview with Lorine Pendleton 


Jennifer Shraim

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January 10, 2024

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Lorine Pendleton, New York City TIGER 21 Chair, shares her career journey and takeaways in a recent Wisdom, Wealth, and Wellness podcast episode with its host, TIGER 21 Member Jonathan Satovsky. Transitioning from the law firm for the legendary musician, Prince, to venture capital, she discussed her unique career trajectory and impact on the startup ecosystem. 

Inspired by the lack of funding for black founders, Lorine became an angel investor, launching her investing career. She is now one of the few black women VCs in the US. She has been recognized by Marie Claire as one of the “50 Most Connected Women in America” and by Business Insider as one of the “22 Female Angel Investors Every Startup Founder Should Know.” 

Lorine also shares how her TIGER 21 Group’s discussions and learnings translate into her day-to-day life in the venture capital world. 

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