Unraveling the Decline in Interest in Hedge Funds | TIGER 21 Founder on InvestmentNews


Debra Xu

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January 22, 2024

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Investments, Press Article

Once commanding the spotlight, hedge funds are now hardly discussed among financial advisors. TIGER 21 Founder Michael Sonnenfeldt puts it bluntly – “hedge funds are dead as a doornail.” 

The TIGER 21 Asset Allocation Report reveals a shift away from hedge funds among its Members, with a mere 2% allocation in Q3 2023. Sonnenfeldt attributes this decline to investors finding cheaper and more efficient alternatives, such as indexes or direct investments in private equity. This marks a significant departure from the once-popular trend of high-net-worth investors seeking exposure to hedge funds managed by Wall Street’s best. 

This InvestmentNews article by editor Gregg Greenberg captures the changing dynamics in the financial industry through Sonnenfeldt’s perspective as well as the insights of multiple financial advisors, shedding light on their outlook on hedge funds. 

Read the article. 

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