Wealth and Well-Being | Podcast Interview with TIGER 21 Founder Michael Sonnenfeldt


Debra Xu

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February 5, 2024

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Dive into a conversation on balancing and navigating a life of extraordinary success with Michael Sonnenfeldt, founder and Chairman of TIGER 21, in his interview with TIGER 21 Member Jonathan Satovsky on his “Wisdom, Wealth, and Wellness” podcast. 

The discussion spans various topics, from managing the sudden inheritance of substantial wealth —be it through family legacies or the triumphs of entrepreneurial endeavor — to the prudent 2% rule for wealth preservation, as well as the significance of cultivating mentors to enrich your knowledge throughout your journey.  

Sonnenfeldt also reflects on the contemporary relevance of the American Dream and the multifaceted battle against climate change. Delving into his passion for this cause, he sheds light on his own ongoing projects and emphasizes the imperative of collective efforts across philanthropy, politics, and finance for the future of our planet. 

Furthermore, the podcast delves into the psychological challenges that come with success, exploring “enoughness” and drawing lessons from Buddhism.  Listen to the podcast to glean valuable insights into wealth management, the pursuit of purpose, and the broader societal challenges we face today. 

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