Insights on Wealth Trends | TIGER 21 Founder Joins Henley & Partners Webinar 


Debra Xu

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April 16, 2024

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TIGER 21 Founder & Chairman Michael Sonnenfeldt joined a panel of global experts to dissect the evolving dynamics of America’s wealth sector in a recent webinar hosted by Henley & Partners in follow-up to its USA Wealth Report. The session delved into a range of pertinent topics, including wealth migration, alternative citizenship, and significant demographic shifts impacting the landscape of global wealth.  

Michael provided profound insights into the current trends shaping the wealth sector in the U.S. and beyond, leveraging the collective expertise and experiences of the TIGER 21 Membership community. He highlighted international investment interest shifting towards India, the impact of political instability on migration, popular nations for dual residency, and more. 

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