Dylan Taylor: A Purpose Greater than Earth – Voyager Space


Jennifer Shraim

Published On

June 26, 2024

“You can’t unfeel it and you can’t un-remember it.” TIGER 21 Member Dylan Taylor describes space flight and much more in this moving conversation with host Michael Sonnenfeldt. Hear directly from the most active private space investor in the world whose company has a contract to build America’s next space station. Surprisingly, for decades Dylan’s career had nothing to do with space. Hear the question he asked himself that led him to his passion and purpose. This episode covers how to find the work you’re meant for, space exploration, as well as wealth creation, the purpose of business, and what makes a meaningful existence on our blue pebble.

Dylan Taylor is Chairman and CEO of Voyager Space, a multi-national space exploration company focused on building the next generation of space infrastructure. Dylan is not only a visionary leader in the New Space sector but also a commercial astronaut and philanthropist. Recognized globally for his pivotal role in the private space industry, Dylan has been featured by Harvard, BBC, and CNN. He is the founder of Space for Humanity, a nonprofit dedicated to democratizing space exploration.

From his early days growing up in Idaho, experiencing childhood hunger, to his remarkable rise in the corporate world, Dylan’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

Dylan has been a Fortune 1000 executive in several industries such as finance and real estate for multinational companies including Prudential plc, Honeywell, and Colliers. He has had P&L responsibility in excess of $2B with 15,000+ employees in 60+ countries.

We explore Dylan’s shift from a traditional career to the founding of Voyager Space Holdings, and his transformative suborbital flight with Blue Origin. Dylan shares his vision for expanding access to space and creating infrastructure for humanity’s future.

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