Anthony Lacenere provides leadership focused on cash-on-cash returns, based on an extensive experience portfolio in venture capital and private equity investing, medical device and other biomedical technology, and company operations. Prior to co-founding iNetworks, Mr. Lacenere was President of MDX Oncology, Inc., affiliated with Universal Health Services (UHS) of King of Prussia, PA, advising UHS with respect to its oncology-related investments and operations, including imaging, diagnostics and therapeutic projects. Prior to MDX, Mr. Lacenere led a leveraged buyout of American Sterilizer Company, a $300 million New York Stock Exchange listed company. As a principal of the buyout group, and the group’s dealmaker, he completed numerous transactions in the US, Europe and Asia. The company was renamed AMSCO International, Inc., and Mr. Lacenere took the company public directly back to the New York Stock Exchange. For nearly a decade Mr. Lacenere was a principal of AMSCO and its Vice President, Financial Affairs, and Managing Director, Investments. As restructured by Mr. Lacenere, AMSCO was a multinational manufacturer of variety of market-dominating life sciences technology products. Mr. Lacenere was responsible for new development projects as well as private and public equity and debt offerings and domestic and international mergers, acquisitions, and strategic alliances. At AMSCO, Mr. Lacenere developed and negotiated transactions and relationships with nearly all of the major medical device manufacturers internationally, and in the financial community became one of the best-known executives in the medical device industry. He was also the General Manager responsible for a dramatically successful turnaround of a highly leveraged AMSCO affiliate, Precision Scientific, Inc., a Chicago-based life sciences and laboratory equipment company owned by CS First Boston, J.P. Morgan and others together with AMSCO, and also co-managed other AMSCO affiliates such as Ingram & Bell, the Canadian healthcare supply company, which he sold to MDS Inc. In addition, earlier in his career Mr. Lacenere held executive positions focused on operations, investment strategy, and mergers and acquisitions at Rockwell International. Mr. Lacenere began his career at the Battelle Memorial Institute, where he focused on new venture technology and development for various clients worldwide. Mr. Lacenere holds an M.S. in Business Economics from Ohio State University (Graduate Research Fellow with Distinction) and a B.S. in Economics and Finance from the University of Dayton.

Tony Lacenere
Managing Director
INetworks Advisors, Inc.

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