Mark Ramsey is Executive Director, Joint Global Head of Private Placements Group of Macquarie Bank Limited and Executive Chairman of Macquarie Specialised Asset Management Limited.Mr. Ramsey has been with Macquarie Bank since 1997 and has worked in various roles in the Investment Banking Group. He was intimately involved in the development of the infrastructure and specialised funds business, as Managing Director of the High Yield Infrastructure Debt Trust and the Global Infrastructure Fund, and more recently as Chairman of Macquarie Specialised Asset Management Limited, the Manager of a number of unlisted equity investment funds. He is currently Global Head of the Investment Bank’s internal placement team of approximately 45 people whose task is to structure, syndicate and place equity opportunities to retail and wholesale fund and direct investors in all sectors of private equity, from infrastructure and property to media, technology and general industrial businesses. Prior to joining Macquarie, Mark Ramsey was Managing Partner of Tress Cocks and Maddox, Lawyers. Mr. Ramsey holds a Bachelor of Arts from Australian National University and a Bachelor of Laws from Australian National University

Mark Ramsey
Executive Director
Macquarie Bank

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