Ashton Lee is the portfolio manager of the Lucas Energy Total Return Funds, four hedge funds offered by Lucas Capital Management. Mr. Lee joined LCM at the end of 2002, and has acted in his current capacity since the launch of the Partnership and the Lucas Energy Funds. He spent a majority of his early career at the Leo Burnett Company as a Senior Vice President, managing large international advertising accounts, which allowed him to live and work throughout the world. During that time, he maintained an active investment interest in energy equities. Mr. Lee grew up surrounded by the oil business, since his father was a senior financial officer for Amoco, and later Midwest Oil (eventually a part of Amoco Production). His first trust investments were made in 1975. He opted for an early retirement upon the sale of his firm, and was a full time private energy investor before joining the Investment Manager.  Mr. Lee received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Northwestern University in 1973, and an MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Management in 1975.  Lucas Capital Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor Lucas Capital was founded in 1996 and advises over $750 million across four hedge funds, three private equity funds and a private wealth management business.  The firm is a continuum of three generations of Lucas investment experience dating back to 1934. The firm has specialized in “bond alternative” income investing for many years and started investing in energy related royalty trusts in 1975.

Ashton Lee
Portfolio Manager
Lucas Capital Management LLC

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