Michael Stohler, Ph.D. – Chief Risk Officer, Alternative Investments Group.  Michael Stohler is responsible for risk and operational due diligence for all hedge fund strategies. In addition, he monitors portfolio-level and fund-specific risk across JPMorgan's Private Bank hedge fund platform. Michael has a BA in Physics from St. Olaf College (summa cum laude, given distinction from the Physics Department), an MBA specializing in quantitative finance from NYU Stern and a Ph.D. in Physics from Purdue University. His dissertation and research focus was quantum information theory. He was an Assistant Professor of Physics at Wabash College from 2002-2004. Michael joined the JPMorgan Private Bank in 2005 working on hedge fund portfolio construction and now heads the Alternative Investment Group's risk program.

Mike Stohler
Chief Risk Officer
J.P. Morgan

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