Jill Shipley is Director of Next Generation Education and is responsible for developing and delivering effective learning through a variety of educational programs, case studies, white papers.  Next generation education events are planned with the goal of preparing GenSpring's client families for the responsibilities of life with wealth.  Jill works one-on-0ne with family members and also conducts multi-generational family meetings on a broad array of topics such as financial education, family communication and career development.  Jill is certified as a meeting facilitator and as a Creative Wealth International Coach and is qualified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  She is charged with creating educational opportunities that are values-based and focus on preparing individuals for the various roles and transitions that occur over a lifetime.

A noted speaker on the topic of next generation education, Jill has been published in such publications as The International Journal of Learning and Generations Magazine.  She has also been cited in Barron's as well as in the book, When Your Parents Sign the Paychecks by Dr. Greg McCann.  
Prior to joining GenSpring, Jill taught family business at Stetson University where she also served as the Assistant Director of the University’s Family Enterprise Center.  At Stetson, Jill helped develop the country's first academic major dedicated to family business.  She worked with family enterprises and members of the next generation to help families beat the odds of sustaining their business and their wealth over generations.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an MBA from Stetson University.

Jill Shipley
Director of Next Generation Education
GenSpring Family Offices

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