Mr. Barach is co-founder and President of DoubleLine. Prior to DoubleLine, Mr. Barach was Co-Founder and Group Managing Director of the TCW Mortgage Group where he spent over 23 years. He has over 32 years of fixed income investment experience. Before joining TCW, Mr. Barach was Senior Vice President of Chief Investments for Sun Life Insurance Company in Los Angeles, where he was responsible for the asset/liability management of the firm and oversight and management of the company’s $5 billion investment portfolio. Previously, he served as Principal Fixed Income Officer for the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), the largest pension plan in the country. In that capacity, he was responsible for managing the fixed income portion of the fund which was 100% internally managed. Mr. Barach was heavily involved in the creation of the collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO) while at CalPERS, he oversaw the issuance of one of the first private label CMOs using the retirement system’s MBS portfolio. He attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he received a BA in International Relations and an MBA in Finance.

Philip Barach
President and Principal
DoubleLine Capital LP

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