Ron Meisels, Founder and President of Phases & Cycles Inc. is one of North America’s most successful technical analysts with over 40 years of stock market experience. He specializes in the independent research of Canadian and U.S. securities. Institutions ranked him among the top three technical analysts for six consecutive years (Brendan Wood Survey). He is listed in the Canadian Who's Who.

He has been publishing the technically oriented Phases & Cycles® reportsv since 1970. He was Director and Vice President of the brokerage firm Goulding, Rose & Turner from 1976 to 1982, and Vice President and Manager of Technical Research at Nesbitt Thomson Inc. (now BMO Nesbitt Burns) from 1982 to 1990. He founded Phases & Cycles Inc. in 1990.

He has a truly distinguished track record in anticipating stock market moves, as illustrated by his famous “10,000 in 2000” prediction in January 1995 (based on his discovery of the 40-year cycle) when the DJIA was at 3800 (see An audacious call in 1995 looks golden now, Report on Business, March 30, 1999, enclosed). He first presented this research at the 1995 IFTA Seminar in San Francisco and subsequently in Chicago, Toronto, New York, London and most recently in Cairo (for the Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts).

Mr. Meisels is a co-writer of a weekly column in the Globe and Mail (“What the charts say”); he is a frequent guest on Business News Network (BNN) and is frequently quoted in major financial media such as the Globe & Mail, The National Post, Les Affaires, Bloomberg, Canadian Press, Reuters and MarketWatch.

Mr. Meisels is also:

• Founder and first President of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts (CSTA), and founding Secretary and past Director of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

• First Canadian recipient of the A. J. Frost Award for outstanding contribution to the development of Technical Analysis.

• Recipient of an Honorary Lifetime Membership in the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts “For recognition of special services to the Society”.

• Developer of the “Meisels Index”, an overbought/oversold indicator based on daily closings. It is featured on the Metastock system.

Ron Meisels
Founder and President
Phases & Cycles Inc.

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