Jessie O'Neill was born to wealth. She is the granddaughter of Charles Erwin Wilson, past president of General Motors and secretary of defense under President Dwight D. Eisenhower. It was Wilson who immortalized the equating of financial and patriotic success with the now famous, comment: "What's good for General Motors is good for the country, and vice versa."

Today, O'Neill is founder and director of The Affluenza Project and a licensed therapist. As a therapist, O'Neill specializes in the psychology of money/wealth and how it affects both our personal and professional relationships, and the treatment of affluenza through a myriad of educational and therapeutic services.  As the urgency of global climate change has become more apparent, Jessie has turned her focus toward educating her clients and readers on how affluenza has contributed to this immense problem and how the wealthy can contribute to the answers.

O'Neill graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and later earned a Master's degree in psychology and counseling. She is an entrepreneur, watercolor artist, mother of two daughters, and the proud grandmother of one grandson. Most recently Jessie has opened an art studio/gallery in Delray Beach, FL. Please enjoy a sample of her work at

As a result of extensive global media coverage of her research and professional work, O'Neill has emerged as the internationally-recognized authority on psychological issues relating to money, including affluenza and sudden wealth syndrome. She is the author of The Golden Ghetto: The Psychology of Affluence, the definitive book on affluenza and how to better understand and reach the affluent.

Jessie O'Neill and The Affluenza Project offer a wide range of uniquely focused corporate keynotes, consultations, and individual counseling.

Jessie O'Neill
Founder and Director
The Affluenza Project

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