As a coach, educator, therapist and facilitator, Vi champions the use of conflict for personal change, fulfilled relationships and dynamic organization. With thirty years of experience in conflict, Vi is known for turning fractured relationships and broken trust into restored hope with new beginnings. She helps those stuck in conflict to get going again by facilitating necessary and often difficult conversations with sensitivity and care.

Vi is specialized in using conflict to build sustainable change from the inside out. As a practitioner and writer, Vi is creating an international precedent in the use of self in conflict, focusing on the interplay between external and internal conflict to transform lives. Vi works with leaders to design and facilitate processes which breakthrough entrenched barriers to transition. She helps leaders go beyond resolving conflict to leveraging conflict for proactive change, with a focus on realistic outcomes and practical solutions. Her engagement is enlivening, challenging and life-changing.

As business partners and co-owners of Transpectives Consulting Inc., John Radford and Vi are often called in when other attempts to mediate conflict have failed. They understand what it takes to rebuild relationships and restore trust, helping leaders build a work culture that delivers sustainable competitive advantage. They believe that conflict can be utilized to creative and innovative ends, resulting in a workplace that thrives and flourishes in the midst of diversity.

Vi has been a business owner of several companies, has worked as a Couple and Family Therapist and taught at several graduate institutes. She is an Associate faculty member in the School of Peace and Conflict Management at Royal Roads University. Vi is a Registered Couple and Family Therapist with the British Columbia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy which is a division of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She is also a Registered Social Worker with the British Columbia College of Social Workers and graduated from California State University with a Masters in Social Work. Vi is a member of Mediate BC.
Vi enjoys being active in Vancouver’s limitless playground. She is grateful to her husband and four children for being the valuable life-teachers they are.

Viola Neufeld
Transpectives Consulting, Inc.

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