Siddharth Chhokar is the managing partner of Chhokar Law Group, P.C. Siddharth is unique among estate planning practitioners through his unyielding commitment to creating Your Total Estate Planning™. Your Total Estate Plan™ starts with the understanding that the only way to practice law is by building lifelong relationships with clients and knowing that those relationships must be predicated on an environment of trust and understanding. He does not believe in merely drafting documents and filing them away; rather he focuses on a comprehensive approach that will meet his clients' immediate needs and their long-term goals. Siddharth believes that creating Your Total Estate Plan™ required more than just sophisticated estate planning techniques - it also requires that everything be viewed through the prism of asset protection. The best estate plan in the world is useless if there is nothing left to pass onto your loved ones.

Siddharth began his professional career working for Deloitte Tax in Silicon Valley California structuring multinational corporations to obtain the highest amount of tax savings and asset protection available under the law. Wanting a more meaningful professional experience Siddharth moved into private practice and estate planning in 2004. After discovering how "traditional" attorneys function, Siddharth decided that he could do things better - the result is Chhokar Law Group, P.C. As an associate attorney he protected high-net worth individuals and families through the design of sophisticated plans to protect their assets and pass along the maximum wealth to successive generations. Today in his own practice, he applies those same strategies to people of all financial backgrounds, knowing that everyone should have the same access to experienced guidance in order to protect their families and wealth.

Siddharth Chhokar
Managing Partner
Chhokar Law Group, P.C.

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