Andrew Mecca

President, California Mentor Foundation

Andy Mecca currently serves as President of the California Mentor Foundation. He is a trustee of the United States Anti Doping Agency, National Endowment for Financial Education, Calfiornia Health ResearchFoundation, Mount Tamalpais School, and the Olympic Club Foundation.Dr. Mecca served as California’s Drug Czar from 1991-1998. He also served as chair of the Governor’s Drug Policy Council and served as President of the National Drug Czar’s Association. Andy chaired the California Commission on Improving Life Through Service and was the Governor’s architect for the California Mentor Initiative.  Dr. Mecca was Executive Director of the California Health Research Foundation and served as Chair for the California Task Force on Self-esteem.Dr. Mecca directed the Army’s Drug Treatment Program in Vietnam, for which he was awarded the Bronze Star. For twelve years he was Chief of Alcohol and Drug Services in Marin County, California. For forty years, Dr. Mecca has been a consultant to substance abuse and youth development programs in China, India, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East and the United States. He has written thirteen books and edited numerous publications on mentoring, youth development and substance abuse treatment and prevention.Dr Mecca received his Doctorate and Master’s Degrees in Public Health from the University of California.A physical fitness enthusiast, Dr. Mecca has completed fifty marathons, been a top finisher at the Ironman in Hawaii, and participated in two cross country runs from San Francisco to Washington , D.C..

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