Dave Zilko

Fuel Leadership LLC, CEO

Dave Zilko has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and is on a mission to help people lead the lives they’ve imagined for themselves, regardless of what stage of their career they might be in, or their circumstances. Dave took an unassuming startup—a fresh salsa company founded in the back of a bankrupt restaurant from the unlikeliest of places, Detroit. Despite operating in a mature industry with a team that had virtually no formal training or formal education, he applied a unique, counterintuitive style and grew it into the largest brand of fresh salsa in the United States. Dave recently engineered it’s sale to a Fortune 500 company for almost a quarter billion dollars. Dave Zilko is an entrepreneurship keynote speaker, the author of a national bestselling book, “Irrational Persistence; Seven Secrets That Turned a Bankrupt Startup Into A $231,000,000 Business,” and today is a partner in, and CEO of, FUEL Leadership—a digital media property that also organizes premiere business events. 

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