David Sutherland

Special Assistant to the Chairman, The Joint Staff

Colonel David W. Sutherland was commissioned an Infantry Officer in 1983 and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University in History and Economics and a Masters in Strategic Studies. Colonel Sutherland attended all levels of military education including Airborne, Ranger, Jumpmaster, the U. S. Army Command and General Staff College, and is a Senior Service College Graduate – Advanced Operational Studies Fellowship.He has served in staff positions at Battalion through Division. While assigned as a Brigade staff officer he deployed to Kuwait as part of Operation Vigilant Warrior in 1994. Colonel Sutherland has also commanded at all levels from Platoon through Brigade. As a Company Commander he deployed to South West Asia as part of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. While commanding 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team “Greywolf,” 1st Cavalry Division Sutherland deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Colonel Sutherland served as the Coalition Force Commander in Diyala Province from October 2006 – December 2007 which included surge operations. In July 2008, Colonel Sutherland was assigned to the Joint Staff as the Division Chief in J5 (Plans, Policy, and Strategy), Middle East Region.Colonel Sutherland is currently serving as the Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with principle focus on Warrior and Family programs. In this capacity, he also serves as the Director of the Warrior and Family Support office. His responsibility includes being the point man for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in coordinating an initiative throughout communities to align the myriad of support organizations and agencies which include governmental, non-governmental, faith-based, community, business, and higher education in a collaborative effort. He is currently on a “Fifty States in 50 weeks” engagement schedule which keeps him constantly on the road traveling to communities all over the country finding those resources and donor programs supporting the returning Warriors still serving, the veterans, the Families, and the Families of the Fallen. 

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