Harold Koegler

Principal, Global Wind Development Corp

Harold Koegler is a principal of PowerStar Energy LLC, a renewables firm promoting wind power solutions and Hyperion Energy LLC, a Waste to Energy Company specializing in anaerobic digesters for the food processing industry. PowerStar’s principals and Titan International’s principals are combining to build a new robust wind power company. Mr. Koegler has been in the renewables industry for over 20 years in different capacities. As an owner of wind turbines in 1984 and through the acquisition of FloWind Corporation in 1990, Mr. Koegler gained a historical perspective and a direct working knowledge of all wind power functions. Mr. Koegler served as President and CEO of FloWind Corporation for eight years. FloWind owned and operated 90 MWs of wind power generating facilities, developed proprietary wind turbine technology for domestic and foreign markets and engaged in large-scale project development on an international basis. His direct responsibilities included establishing wind power generating markets and facilities in India and China for its wind turbine technology. During this time, he also was a member of the board of the American Wind Energy Association. From 1998 until 2004, Mr. Koegler affiliated with M & N Wind Power (and its successor, Global Renewable Energy Partners) finishing the development and facilitating the financial success and marketing of the 100 MW Le Nordais Project in Canada.

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