Jean-Jacques Lefebvre

Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Jean-Jacques Lefebvre, or “J.J.” as he is commonly known, is a partner in Deloitte’s Global Transfer Pricing and Tax Controversy Practice.  Prior to joining Deloitte, J.J. most recently served as the Director General, International and Large Business Directorate (ILBD).  J.J. has gained tremendous experience with the Canada Revenue Agency’s compliance efforts and a deep understanding of its policies and procedures.Mr. Lefebvre began his career with the Public Service in 1975 as a General Taxation Officer for Revenue Canada.  In 1980, J.J. was appointed to the position of Group Head Investigations and has since held progressively senior management positions including: Group Head Business Audit, Chief Business Audit and Large files, Chief Audit Review, Chief Specialty Audits and Regional Advisor Compliance Programs.  In 1999, J.J. joined the Senior Executive team as the Assistant Director of Audit and was appointed the National Director for Aggressive Tax Planning in 2005 and then, Director General, ILBD, in 2007.  As the Director General, ILBD, Mr. Lefebvre was responsible for providing policy and program direction to the CRA’s field auditors, and, as one of Canada’s delegated Competent Authorities, he was responsible for the administration of Canada’s Income Tax Conventions.  In his capacity as Director General, J.J. was responsible for a number of change initiatives within ILBD, such as:  “One”, an effort to synchronize CRA’s audit efforts in relation to large taxpayers; risk assessment for large files to improve the use and effectiveness of CRA’s audit resources; the introduction of workload mobility to complement risk assessment efforts; and the implementation of an industry/sector-based approach that involved the development of “Centres of Expertise” to improve the CRA’s awareness and understanding of Canada’s large taxpayers. On the global front, during his tenure, J.J. served as the Chair of the Seven Country Working Group on Tax Havens, the Canadian Lead for the Joint International Tax Shelter Information Centre (JITSIC) and the Seven Country Competent Authority Working Group.  In his capacity as Director General, J.J. was also the Senior Canadian Delegate to OECD’s Working Party 6 (Taxation of Multinational Enterprises), Working Party 8 (Tax Avoidance & Tax Evasion), the Working Group on Intermediaries and Banking, and the Working Group on Corporate Governance, as well as a sub-delegate to the Leeds Castle Working Group of Senior Tax Administrators. Mr. Lefebvre possesses a Bachelor of Administration Degree from the University of Ottawa and is a Certified General Accountant.

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