John Carter

Co-Founder, Capital City Entertainment

John Carter has 20 years of communications experience including corporate training, advertising, B-to-B, consumer, entertainment, feature film production (with Oscar winning casts), and intellectual property development. Carter has the contracted industry connections needed to get any job done. He is former head of production for WH Smith Retail Network (the first national point of purchase network) and has produced and directed award-winning commercials for major brands such as Coca-Cola, Burger King, Miller Light, Bellsouth, and UPS.CCE designs digital new media communications for a variety of companies.  They also maintain an exclusive license on over one thousand popular movie titles under their Reel Potential (RP) division. RP takes these famous movie scenes and works them into the digital communications strategy of medium to large organizartions for a more memorable and compelling viewing exeoperience.Services:  Consulting, Branding, Marketing, Digital Media, Interactive, Web Design, Feature Film and Entertainment Development and Production.   

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