Juval Aviv

President & CEO, Interfor, Inc.

Juval Aviv is President & CEO of Interfor, Inc., an international corporate intelligence and investigations firm.  Founded in 1979, Interfor, Inc. works with U.S. and foreign law firms, leading financial institutions, multinational corporations, insurers and governmental agencies in conducting investigations throughout the world.Before founding Interfor, Mr. Aviv served as an officer in the Israel Defense Force (Major, retired) leading an elite Commando/Intelligence Unit and was later selected by the Israeli Secret Service (Mossad) to participate in a number of intelligence and special operations in the late 1960s and 1970s.  In 1984, a true account of one mission that he led was published in a book entitled Vengeance, by George Jonas.  The book became a best seller and was later the basis for the HBO film, Sword of Gideon and Steven Spielberg’s Munich.As head of Interfor, Mr. Aviv can call upon more than 30 years of experience conducting international investigations into white-collar crime at scores of multinational companies.  He has personally solved numerous cases of fraud, counterfeiting, embezzlement, anti-competitive behavior, and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the banking, insurance, aerospace, entertainment, pharmaceutical, and aviation industries, to name just a few. Interfor is highly regarded for its investigation services, including due diligence and asset search and recovery.  Since its inception, Interfor’s asset investigation services have recovered over $15 billion worldwide for its clients.A leading authority on terrorist networks and their inner workings, Mr. Aviv served as lead investigator for Pan Am Airways into the Pan Am 103-Lockerbie terrorist bombing.  In addition, while working as a consultant with El Al Airlines, Mr. Aviv conducted a survey and update of the airline’s security program that has made El Al the safest airline in business today.Mr. Aviv is the author Staying Safe: The Complete Guide to Protecting Yourself, Your Family, and Your Business published by HarperResource, a division of HarperCollins Publishing.  In Staying Safe, Juval Aviv outlines the essential tools for becoming personally responsible for the security and safety of yourself and your loved ones.  Mr. Aviv is also the author of The Complete Terrorism Survival Guide (Juris Publishing); Max, a fictionalized account of the investigation into the death of British media mogul, Robert Maxwell (Random House); and Flight 103, a fictionalized account of the investigation into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. Mr. Aviv has been a speaker and panel participant for many organizations including the FBI, the U.S. Department of Justice – Office of the U.S. Trustee, the Internal Revenue Service, The Ontario Securities Commission, Smith Barney, Aon Insurance, INSOL and the American Bankers Association.  In addition to his speaking engagements, Mr. Aviv has been a frequent contributor to articles and programs on U.S. preparedness relative to various forms of terrorism.  He serves as a consultant on counterterrorism for the FOX News Channel and has been a frequent guest on ABC’s “Nightline”, CNN, CNN International, MSNBC, ESPN, The History Channel, as well as BBC’s “Newsnight,”, Channel 4’s “Sharkey’s Last Word”, ZDF (German National Television), RAI (Italian National Television) and has been featured in numerous articles in major magazines and newspapers worldwide such as The Wall Street Journal Europe, The Financial Times, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Toronto Sun, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The New York Times, and The Economist.  

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