Kiril Sokoloff

Founder, 13D Research

As an investment strategist, Kiril Sokoloff possesses a unique perspective, having been involved in almost every aspect of finance—from commercial banking and hedge fund management, to venture capital and private equity investment.  Sokoloff founded 13D Research, Inc. in 1983, an independent institutional global research firm.As hyperinflation fears gripped the financial community in the late 1970s, Sokoloff took a contrarian view, predicting widespread disinflation and investment disaster for the “inflation hedge” favorites of the 1970s.  He authored the book, Is Inflation Ending? Are You Ready (McGraw-Hill, 1982), to expound on his views. Throughout the 1980s, Sokoloff lectured widely to investment groups all over the country, arguing for extended disinflation.  His mantra: “The highest interest rates in capitalism will eventually be followed by the lowest interest rates.”Beginning in May 1984, Sokoloff recommended purchasing 30-year U.S. Treasuries, which at the time were yielding 14% and which Sokoloff called “the investment opportunity of a lifetime.” Sokoloff has traveled widely, going around the world some 40 times.  He opened an office in Hong Kong in the early 1990s, when the stock market there crashed after Tiananmen Square.  In 1992, Sokoloff reviewed over 200 private equity investments in China and traveled to many of China’s important cities. Sokoloff sponsored dozens of trips for his clients to Hong Kong/China in 1991-1992.  They found this investment opportunity so compelling, they invested well over US$10 billion in the Hang Seng Index under 2,500.  In early January 1994, when the Hang Seng was selling for 12,500, Sokoloff issued a sell signal on the region and closed 13D’s office in Hong Kong. In late 1996, Sokoloff noticed that Malaysia had recently completed the world’s highest building, and was in the process of building the world’s longest building.  These were traditionally major sell signals.  Sokoloff began a series of what became over 100 major articles on the coming boom/bust.  His view was that the contagion would spread across Asia, then to the developing world, and eventually reach the developed world. Sokoloff is also Chairman and one of three founders of Bluespan.  Bluespan is involved in the research and production of wireless applications for consumer purposes including ionKids, a child-findind-and-locating device.  Other current markets include autistic children, Down’s Syndrome children and Alzheimer’s patients.Sokoloff is a voracious reader.  His interests range across all areas of human knowledge and history, and he often reads 10 books or more a week.  Starting in 2001, Sokoloff began to write What I Learned This Week.  His weekly financial newsletter, What I Learned This Week, has a worldwide following of institutional investors, political leaders, and company executives.Sokoloff is also prized for his devoted study of the human spirit.  Guided by the teachings of His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa he is committed to helping the business and investment community recognize the importance of trust, integrity and compassion. 

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