Kristen Atwood

Founder, Ripples of Hope Inc.

Throughout her life, Kristen Atwood has devoted her energies and passion to uniting our global community through service, cultural enrichment, and the profound impact of friendships that bridge geographies, sectors, and socioeconomic backgrounds.As a founding staff member of City Year, the international youth leadership corps, Kristen spent two decades immersed in the transformative power of service. From a community garden in Boston’s South End to shanty towns in South Africa, Kristen bore witness to the human impulse to give, serve and love. Regardless of zip code or language, there was a powerful truth.  Service is our international passport to change lives, open hearts, and forge bonds of understanding and humanity.Ripples of Hope is built on that simple premise and profound understanding. It is an ideal first demonstrated by Kristen’s father, a Presbyterian minister, and one that is the foundation of the family she has created with her husband Jim.Ripples of Hope is an expression of Kristen’s hope for our world and belief that families united in common purpose can be a global force for humanity. Her greatest joy is building the Ripples community, one family at a time.

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