Michael Reiss von Filski

Global CEO, Geneva Group International

Michael is the global CEO of GGI and director of a swiss based Family Office and Consulting Firm, having over fifteen years experience in advisory services. Michael is a member of the Editorial Board of the International Accounting Bulletin IAB and a coveted speaker at business conventions and international conferences. He is accredited as observer to the European Parliament and serves in the Advisory Committee of EGIAN (European Group of International Accounting Networks and Associations). Michael is a member of the International Advisory Board of LSM, Louvain School of Management. In his leisure time Michael enjoys classic cars, art and antiques, literature, heraldry and nobiliary law, as well as shooting, fencing and some sailing and horse riding. Michael has a truly international background. His activities include several selected board memberships of national and international companies including holding companies, real estate companies, financial services providers and luxury good corporations. He has executed many cross-border M&A transactions and participated in transnational tax and estate planning for individuals of high net worth. Michael was Executive Director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland. Prior to that, he worked as a diplomat in Rome, New York and Buenos Aires, finishing his diplomatic career in the rank of First Counsellor. Michael studied International Law, History and Modern Literature in Zurich, Hagen and Madrid and holds a masters degree. He has been awarded several grand crosses, honors and knighthoods from the Vatican, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Georgia, Hungary, Indonesia, and Vietnam amongst others.

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