Noreen Harrington

Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer, Alternative Institutional Partners

Noreen Harrington is a managing partner and serves as a co-Chief Investment Officer of the AIP. Prior to joining AIP, Ms. Harrington was an advisor to Alternative Asset Managers, LP, a private investment boutique with primary focus on providing seed capital to start-up hedge fund managers. Ms. Harrington has built two family offices for the owners of the NY Mets and the Stern Family, Hartz Group, both as chief investment officer specializing in funds of hedge funds. Her traditional Wall Street career started two decades ago. She was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Head of Hedge Funds and Non-Dollar Sales in the Fixed Income Division Globally and Co-Head of Barclays Capital Fixed Income and a member of its management committee. Ms. Harrington is more publicly recognized as the whistler-blower in the recent mutual fund scandals. Her efforts, along with Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, have lead to the end of late trading and market timing abuses and created industry reforms that benefit and protect an estimated 95 million investors. Ms. Harrington has a BS in Education from Adelphi University. Ms. Harrington has received numerous industry awards, including Titan of the Year 2003, Top Fifty Women in Finance (1997), Compliance Person of the Year 2003, and Truthsayer Award. She is a founding member of 85Broads, Goldman Sachs Alumni Women’s Group and 100 Women in Hedge Funds.

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