Richard Chilton

CEO / Chief Investment Officer, Chilton Investment Company

Richard L. Chilton, Jr. is the founder of Chilton Investment Company, a $7 billion investment management firm. The firm manages seven strategies that apply the same philosophy and overall risk disciplines to investing in various niches of the equity and debt markets. Mr. Chilton founded the firm in 1992 with the flagship fund, Chilton Investment Partners, LP, a long/short equity fund that invests in US companies. Mr. Chilton continues to manage this diversified long/short equity strategy as well as a similar concentrated strategy. Over the years, Mr. Chilton has expanded upon the flagship strategy and introduced six other strategies that utilize the same bottom-up, fundamental and value-sensitive approach to investing, including: 1) Chilton European, a long/short strategy focused on European and UK based companies. 2) Chilton New Era, a long/short strategy focused on investing globally in technology, media and telecom companies.Chilton Small Cap, a long/short strategy focused on investing in US-based small cap companies. 3) Chilton Global Natural Resources, a long/short strategy focused on investing in natural resource securities and commodities globally. 4) Chilton Distressed Debt, a classic distressed fund investing in the US and developed markets. 5) Chilton Asia Strategy, a long/short strategy focused on Asian equity markets. Chilton is an SEC registered firm and maintains six offices worldwide. The firm is headquartered in Stamford, CT, where our trading and administrative operations are performed, and has a similarly sized office in New York, where our research team and portfolio management is based. In addition, we have research offices in London, Hong Kong, Beijing and San Francisco. Mr. Chilton is on the board of directors of the Robin Hood Foundation, Inc., a charitable organization dedicated to fighting poverty in New York City and a trustee of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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