Stuart Zimmer

Zimmer Partners, LP

Mr. Zimmer has served as the Portfolio Manager of the ZP Utility Fund, L.P. and ZP Offshore Utility Fund, Ltd. ( the “Utility Fund”) since its inception in 1997. In 1991, he joined Steinhardt Partners, whose Founder and Managing Partner, Michael Steinhardt, is generally recognized as an influential pioneer in the hedge fund industry. At Steinhardt, Mr. Zimmer was a research analyst with a focus on energy investments, including electric and gas utilities. His experience at Steinhardt also included trading of equities, fixed income, currencies, and derivatives. In 1993, Mr. Zimmer left Steinhardt Partners to start a utility hedge fund sponsored by Commodities Corp., where he was responsible for conducting fundamental research on electric and gas utilities. Initially, he co-managed the fund and later became the sole Portfolio Manager. In 1997, Mr. Zimmer co-founded Zimmer Lucas Capital, LLC, which served as the Investment Manager of the Utility Fund from its inception until December 2012. Mr. Zimmer was also the Portfolio Manager of the two additional long/short funds at Zimmer Lucas Capital, LLC. He is the Managing Member of Zimmer Partners LP, which became the Investment Manager of the Utility Fund in December 2012. Mr. Zimmer graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard College with Honors in Mathematics.

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