William Marlow

Founder, Protected Mobility, Duty Exec, EtherMSG

Dr. Marlow is an internationally recognized authority on information security / risk (cyber-protection) and critical infrastructure protection. He founded High Net Worth Cyber Protection and Investments, LLC, a company that protects high net worth companies / families and invests in new security technologies. Dr. Marlow has a Doctorate in Physics and has been in senior management at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Harris Corporation, and System Engineering Laboratories (SEL). He is best known for being the founder of Global Integrity Corporation, which was the premier provider of information security to the financial and energy industries. In addition, Dr. Marlow founded Intelligent System Corporation and Object Systems Corporation. Dr. Marlow is still an active participant in critical infrastructure protection on a worldwide basis, working closely with global governments as well as financial institutions, energy corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies on various critical area including cyber-terrorism, security plans and international cooperation. He regularly advises members of the U.S. Congress, the European Union Parliament as well as several Asian governments. In 1998, 2000, 2002, 2006 and 2007, he presented at the G8 Electronic Commerce Conferences and the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank’s Electronic Commerce Conference. In January 2007, Dr. Marlow presented “Profiles of Risk,” a classified review of U.S. infrastructure to selected U.S. Congressional Committees. He chaired the Critical Infrastructure Protection Emerging Technology Forum as well as served on the White House Advisory Panel for Protection of Critical Private Sector Assets. Specifically, Dr. Marlow has led over 300 security vulnerability assessments (physical and cyber), handled 150 cyber “break-ins,” and designed over 30 major security centric networks and communications systems. Dr. Marlow has served in a number of special government agencies. He is a qualified Special Forces helicopter pilot, licensed weapons dealer and a Vietnam War veteran. For 30 years, Dr. Marlow has specialized in the use of leading edge technology to gain a competitive advantage for companies / governments and is helping apply information risk, security and privacy as a basis for the emergence of the trusted electronic economy.  

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