January 1, 2012
Equities remain the favored investment strategy for high net worth investors. Despite stock market volatility, the high net worth investors of peer-to-peer investing group TIGER 21 are generally keeping their asset allocaitons steady.
December 1, 2011
Interview Michael Sonnenfeldt, Gründer der Reichen-Selbsthilfegruppe Tiger 21 - „Ein Millionär lernt vom anderen“ - Michael Sonnenfeldt (56) machte Millionen mit Immobilien. Doch wohin mit dem Geld? Diese Frage...
November 29, 2011
For $30,000 a year, the moneyed members of TIGER 21 give each other the unvarnished truth about their investments
November 10, 2011
(Reuters) - Hedge fund managers Paul Singer, Robert Zoellner, Kyle Bass and Israel Englander are among the handful of people millionaires trust with their riches.
November 9, 2011
Millionaires favour hedge fund manager Paul Singer, CEO of Elliott Management, as the manager they trust most with their cash, according to an investment club survey.
November 4, 2011
Executive Profile: Cal Simmons, Chapter chairman, D.C. TIGER 21
November 1, 2011
Survey of Tiger 21 members reveals 26% allocation to fixed income and cash
November 1, 2011
Despite the volatility of recent months, publicly traded stocks still top the list of preferred investments for high-net-worth investors, according to a survey of more than 180 members of the TIGER 21 group.
October 19, 2011
Tommy Gallagher (66) heeft een uitnodiging voor een diner met Barack Obama afgezegd. De reden: te duur. Een plaats aan de tafel van de Amerikaanse president zou hem 25.000 dollar hebben gekost, voor een miljonair niet veel meer dan wat zakgeld. Maar Gallagher wil besparen.

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