What is the process to become a TIGER 21 Member?

TIGER 21 offers membership to individuals with high integrity, who have expertise to offer their fellow Group Members, are eager to engage with individuals with similar financial, family and other concerns, and are open to learning from peers. 

Members of TIGER 21 enjoy close and candid relationships with fellow Group Members as well as with the entire Membership. As we introduce potential Members to our organization, we seek to balance the confidentiality and continuity of each Group with our desire to identify those who may become outstanding additions to our community.  With that in mind, here is what interested candidates can expect from the membership process: 

Individuals meeting quantitative Membership Criteria are invited to Submit an Expression of Interest in Membership. A TIGER 21 Staff member then conducts an initial interview followed by an in-person meeting with the appropriate Group Chair to explore your interest in TIGER 21 in more depth. The meeting with the Chair (and often several Members of the Group) will help you and the Chair mutually determine if Membership in TIGER 21 is appropriate for you. A successful meeting where both the candidate and Chair agree that Membership seems appropriate will typically lead to an invitation to attend an upcoming Meeting to confirm the intent to join. Prior to attending the confirmation Meeting, all Member candidates must submit a Membership Application and pass a background check. At the conclusion of the Meeting if the Member and Chair agree on a fit, an invitation to join is extended and must be executed within 45 days. On average, the membership process takes two months to complete.

What are the elements of a TIGER 21 Group meeting?

TIGER 21’s intimate Group Meetings are confidential and provide a platform to exchange knowledge and information on investments, strategies and trends among trusted advisors. Each month, a day-long Meeting features: 

  • THE WORLD UPDATE: A wide ranging discussion from world events to economic news to personal issues that might affect Members’ outlooks, investment decisions, family or business. 
  • ISSUES AND OPPORTUNITIES: Members survey the Group about their own issues and/or opportunities and use the roundtable environment to elicit best thinking and gain helpful feedback.  
  • SUBJECT-MATTER EXPERTS: Guest presenters are invited to lead discussions on a limitless range of topics, including investment opportunities, curated from a Member-driven learning agenda.  
  • DEFENSE CURRICULUM: A confidential disclosure and rational defense of an individual Member’s investment portfolio or other topic selected from the TIGER 21 Defense Curriculum followed by candid feedback from the Member’s Group.

How much does Membership cost, and what is covered?

Membership fees include annual dues as well as a one-time initiation fee. Please see the chart below for pricing.

Annual dues cover all costs for the eleven regularly scheduled monthly Meetings during the full year of Membership, additional Chapter events, and access to the TIGER 21 digital platform connecting Members around the world. Each Member also has the opportunity to attend non-confidential portions of Group Meetings in other cities in TIGER 21’s network on an “as available” basis.

The one-time initiation fee for new and returning Members supports the extensive vetting process for new Members relative to their meeting the 5Cs of qualification. It is also applied to a New Member Training program, which is led by a TIGER 21 Chair and designed to help New Members make the most of the TIGER 21 experience – what to expect, ways to add value to your Group and the global network, introductions to other New Members, and more.

Location of GroupAnnual DuesInitiation Fee
United StatesUSD 33,000USD 5,000
CanadaUSD 33,000USD 5,000
PortugalEUR 31,100EUR 5,000
SingaporeSGD 45,000SGD 7,000
SwitzerlandCHF 33,000CHF 5,000
United Arab EmiratesAED 121,000AED 18,000
United KingdomGBP 24,750GBP 4,000

What is the “Defense Curriculum”?

Approximately once a year, each Member makes a presentation to the Group on an area of significance for an in-depth review and analysis in the context of their stated philosophy, investment criteria, and goals. In the Member’s first year this is his or her personal investment portfolio. In subsequent years the Chair and Member mutually determine the topic to be presented from the broader curriculum, including Health and Wellness, Real Estate, Philanthropy, Life and Legacy, Family Office, and several others. 

The Portfolio Defense® is the cornerstone of the Defense Curriculum. Financial results and other relevant financial items are presented in writing, and the presenting Member will need to “defend” the stated objectives and demonstrate how the portfolio’s composition and performance reflect these objectives. The Member must balance investment strategy, inter-generational issues, philanthropic interests and daily living needs. This level of exposure and intimacy is unique to TIGER 21. 

Generally, there is one Defense per Meeting, and TIGER 21’s process is designed to deliver as much value to the other Members in the Group as to the Member defending his or her portfolio or other area of relevancy. In part, each Member can gain insights from how others approach challenges and opportunities they may be experiencing in one form or another. The focus of these sessions is to harness the Collective Intelligence of the Group by identifying potential problems or opportunities for the Member presenting his or her portfolio. The Defense process helps fellow Members to see the relationship between their strategies and their objectives, as well as to better understand the biases and blind spots that may influence their decisions. 

How is the schedule of meetings determined, and what does the meeting schedule look like?

The calendar of Meetings is set up to a year in advance. Members meet monthly, 11 times per year. Meeting times vary by Group, but all follow a similar agenda. 

How many Members are in each Group?

Groups begin with 5 founding Members and then selectively add Members until the maximum Group size of 15 Members is achieved.

Who leads the Group?

A TIGER 21 Chair facilitates each Meeting and is the Group’s ongoing leader. TIGER 21 Chairs are proven leaders who have the rare combination of the skills, experience, and knowledge of working with high-net-worth-individuals that helps produce fresh perspectives to Members, stimulating new ideas and opportunities.

Their goal is to create an environment of cooperative learning and to manage the flow of the Meeting. Chairs are carefully vetted and selected by TIGER 21 and then participate in development sessions throughout the year in order to deliver the best possible Member experience. TIGER 21 Chairs are independent contractors who together form an elite community of their own who collectively share a passion for helping others succeed. To learn more about opportunities to Chair a TIGER 21 Group, click HERE.

Are Members permitted to conduct business with one another?

Frequently, Members do choose to do business with each other through co-investments, other structures or scenarios. These relationships occur solely at the discretion of Members and TIGER 21 does not serve as an intermediary in these relationships. Unlike other peer learning groups, which actively discourage business dealings among the Members of a group, TIGER 21 does not. Due to the ever-present potential for conflicts, these business relationships must be disclosed to their Group and Members agree to keep their Group fully informed about the progress and status of any material business dealings with one another.

What is TIGER 21’s Membership profile?

TIGER 21 Members are current and former entrepreneurs, investors and top executives. They are individuals seeking and sharing candid, impartial guidance from peers who share the same pursuit and understanding of their worlds and accompanying challenges.

What investment research does TIGER 21 produce for Members?

TIGER 21 does not provide investment advice or recommendations to buy or sell securities, to hire any investment adviser or to pursue any investment or trading strategy. However, TIGER 21 produces a quarterly Asset Allocation Report that is designed to measure the aggregate asset allocation exposures of its Members based upon their Portfolio Defense presentations. On occasion, TIGER 21 also reports on findings from Member surveys on various investment topics and macro trends.

What presenters are invited to TIGER 21 meetings?

TIGER 21 Members, in conjunction with their Chair, identify themes and topics of interest that will stimulate and challenge the Members of the Group and often expose them to new investment opportunities.  Many of TIGER 21’s presenters are nominated by Members who seek their Group’s opinions on an investment idea they may be considering, some are sourced from leading investment firms and thought leadership roles around the world. These highly interactive presentations are invaluable to Members given the “closed door” setting and direct Q&A time during each presentation.

What is TIGER 21?

TIGER 21 is the premier peer advisory organization for high-net-worth entrepreneurs, investors, and executives. Our network of wealth creators and preservers help each other navigate the challenges and opportunities that success creates.  The TIGER 21 experience centers on learning about and reflecting upon issues pertaining to investing, life, and family. Central to this are TIGER 21 Group Meetings, with 12-15 Members meeting once per month led by a Chair who is an accomplished professional and experienced facilitator. TIGER 21 leads with a unique approach to wealth preservation that focuses on leveraging collective wisdom and engaging Members in an extraordinary community to enhance their personal and professional lives.