TIGER 21 Groups are led by a TIGER 21 Chair – a senior level executive, leader or entrepreneur - who complements his or her existing business endeavors by leading one or more TIGER 21 Groups.

TIGER 21 Chairs lead Members in a proven process that includes facilitating confidential monthly peer learning groups, comprised of up to 15 vetted high-net-worth individuals, in a full-day sessions.

Chairs are the bedrock upon which TIGER 21's exceptional value is built. As a Chair of a TIGER 21 Group you’ll have the experience of a lifetime, leading some of the most interesting and successful wealth creators to identify new perspectives and envisage new opportunities.

As a TIGER 21 Chair you are welcomed into a select community of successful leaders and you have the opportunity to grow and learn alongside other TIGER 21 Members. You have the freedom to select the Members with whom you wish to engage and to design the content of your discussions; in essence you too build your own personal advisory board.

If you are interested in learning more about TIGER 21, please complete the contact form and you will receive a copy of our most recent Asset Allocation Report.