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September 25, 2021

 Amid rising concerns about inflation, Public and Private Equity continue to vie for the second largest allocation behind Real Estate, which holds fast as the top asset allocation at 27%. For the second quarter in a row, Public Equity surpassed Private Equity at 25% vs 22% – the second time in three years that Public Equity is chosen over Private Equity. 

The TIGER 21 Asset Allocation Report for the second quarter of 2021 shows that Members kept their allocations steady from the first quarter 2021 levels. 

Allocations to both Private Equity and Real Estate remain strong in Members’ portfolios. Cash remains at 13% — the high end of the historic band recorded prior to COVID. Cryptocurrency investments are still the main driver for allocations into currencies while investments into Commodities were noted as either precious metals or gold. 

Despite the rise in new COVID variants, 76% of Members do not feel the risks to the market are sufficient for them to make changes to their investment portfolio to protect against those risks. 

However, the majority of Members believe that the current inflation is likely going to accelerate over the next year. 25% of Members are making investment choices based on fear of market correction/inflation and have protected their portfolios by investing in Real Estate as the top choice, followed by Public Equities, and then Cryptocurrencies. 


The TIGER 21 Asset Allocation Report measures the aggregate asset allocations (on a trailing 12-month basis) of TIGER 21 Members based upon their individual annual Portfolio Defense presentations. Each individual Member generally reports on their portfolio annually, so that in any given month of the year approximately 1/12th of our membership reports. Each quarterly data set represents data for the prior 12 months (from quarter’s end). This methodology tends to reveal substantive trends more clearly and is less affected by short-term distortions stemming from our growing membership.


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