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January 4, 2017

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TIGER 21’s Founder, Michael Sonnenfeldt, recently appeared on CNBC’s Power Lunch to discuss TIGER 21, the big winners of 2016, and forecast post-election investing. Key takeaways include:

  • Many TIGER 21 Members are wealth preservers looking for a long-term stable portfolio. Members have seen Index Funds as an efficient way to expose themselves to the public markets.
  • Post-election, there are many Members who are still very active traders who had two investment plans ready on election day dependent upon the results. However, most TIGER 21 Members are looking for long term returns and placing their assets in Real Estate, Public and Private Equities.
  • Of the jobs lost that fueled the Trump administration, only 15% of jobs went offshore while 85% were lost to technology. Since no one is planning to unplug the computers and robots, it will be up to entrepreneurs to bring jobs back through job creation.
  • TIGER 21 Members discuss how they can recycle their capital into new start-ups; funneling money and rolling up their shirt sleeves to help the next generation of entrepreneurs get off the ground and thus creating more jobs.
  • Hedge funds are historically correlated with interest rates. If interest rates increase, Financials will benefit and Hedge Funds will be able to deliver better returns, thus seeing increased allocation to this asset.

Watch the full interview below:

CNBC Interview with Michael Sonnenfeldt