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June 9, 2014

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Charlie Garcia, Chairperson of TIGER 21 South Florida

WHAT IS TIGER 21?TIGER 21 is a peer to peer group to help wealth creators such successful business owners, corporateexecutives and entrepreneurs invest the money they have amassed. The average TIGER 21 member has anet worth of $75 Million and the minimum requirement is $10 million.

The same skills that served these individuals in helping them create their wealth do not easily translate intonow managing their money. The group helps focus members on the do’s and don’ts when it comes tomanaging their wealth.

The most powerful thing is that each member, every year has to present to the group their total net worth,their portfolio, how they allocate their assets, and their investment objectives. The group gives feedback in a”carefrontational” way, by giving them advice and comments. The group is very tight and very confidential.

HOW DID TIGER 21 GET STARTED?In 1999 Michael Sonnenfeldt sold his real estate business for $300 Million in cash. He was sitting with all thismoney, was in his mid 40’s and had no experience managing money of this size. He decided to tap othermembers that had over a $10 million net worth from his peer to peer advisor group Vistage so they couldshare ideas and talk about issues that they had in common. TIGER 21 grew from 2 or 3 people in 1999 to225 members today with a combined $22 Billion in assets.

THE SYNERGISTIC EFFECT OF THE TIGER 21 GROUPMany in the group want to know how to leverage the power of their wealth around philanthropy, businessopportunities, estate planning or even raising socially responsible children.

Those are the things they talk about and a lot of them become friendly invest together, show each otherbusiness opportunities and a lot of them do philanthropy together as well. So you really see the power ofwealth at work. Members Investing side by side with each other are common.

SOUTH FLORIDA TIGER 21 GROUPSThere are two groups in Miami and a new group is starting in Palm Beach. Call Charlie Garcia at 561-703-2631 to learn more about how you can become a member of TIGER 21.