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May 3, 2017

45 TIGER 21 Members recently returned from an extraordinary trip to Cuba where they indulged in the local food, art, and music of the Caribbean Island nation.

Cuba Car

From the moment they stepped off their private charter jets, Members were transported to another era surrounded by classic cars and vibrant settings. Over the course of the next four days, Members experienced Cuba first-hand and through the eyes of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, academics, architects, artists, musicians, and ordinary Cubans from all walks of life.

Members began their trip by enjoying lunch at Paladar Atelier. Known for its atmosphere and its exquisite food, Paladar Atelier was home to a pre-revolutionary senator.

The group spent their stays at two beautiful hotels: The Hotel Saratoga, which recently also played host to Beyoncé, and the five-star Parque Central Hotel, known for its beautiful Spanish colonial-style architecture and its grandiose lobby.

Cuba Hotel Parque Central

Members reveled in the four days they spent together with notable experiences including:

Incredible food in unique locations such as:

Lunch at Paladar San Cristobal

San Cristobal Restaurant Cuba

Drinks and hors d’oeuvres at the Ambassador’s residencewith Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service and the Charg√© d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy.Ambassador DeLaurentis discussed the relationship between the United States and Cuba at a table perfect for TIGER 21 group meetings.

Cuba US Navy Seal

Cuba Ambassador

Dinner at Tierra after a private behind the scenes tour of Fabrica de Arte and discussion with curators Niuris Higueras,Cuba’s most famous restaurateur, recently opened this elegant new restaurant adjacent to the VIP area of Fabrica de Arte Cubana (FAC). Established by rock star X Alfonso, this sprawling art gallery, performance space, bar, caf√©, concert, and theatre venue is truly at the epicenter of Cuban culture. After dinner, Members enjoyed drinks in the “salon de artistas” with the cultural director of FAC and other leading artists.

Cuba FAC

Exclusive performances like no other including:

A private performance by Litz Alfonso Dance Dance is a significant element of Cuban life and culture. The young dancers at this school have received global recognition for their performances, which Members were able to experience in an up close and intimate setting.

Cuba Litz Alfonso Dance Performance

A Concert with Folk Legend, Carlos Varela After dinner in the garden of a leading art gallery over rum and cigars, the TIGER 21 group enjoyed a private concert with folk legend and subject of the HBO DocumentaryThe Poet of Havana, Carlos Varela.

Cuba X Alfonso

Educational sessions on Cuban trade and entrepreneurship:

Moderated by Cuban Expert Collin Laverty, a Cuban trade panel included a former Cuban Ambassador and a leading Cuban economist. A separate technology and entrepreneurship panel included entrepreneurs and the founders of leading technology companies. They discussed Cuba’s uniquely challenging operating environment (limited access to internet, no legal framework, no capital markets, etc.) as well as some of the innovations these challenges have spawned.

As the first overseas TIGER 21 Member Experience, the trip was an unforgettable cultural journey that exceeded Members’ expectations. Upcoming experiences include an inaugural West Coast Dinner in May and a Santa Fe Women’s Retreat in October.

Cuba Trip Overview