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June 9, 2014

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HOW DID YOU FARE COMPARED TO TIGER 21?Staff / January 16, 2014

TIGER 21 finds 91% of its members surveyed think the market’s performance in 2013 was better than expected, despite bearish expectations for last year.

A further 8% think performance was as expected and 1% think the markets underperformed.

Members also say their own portfolios exceeded expectations, with 62% saying that their own investments’ performed better than expected. Another 27% indicate portfolio performance was as expected, while 11% of respondents saythat their investments’ performance was worse than expected.

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That confidence isn’t carrying into 2014, as 66% of respondents think markets won’t do as well this year. About a quarter of members think it will be nearly the same as last year, and only 8% think 2014 will be better.

ASSET CLASSES TO WATCHMembers are most positive about public equities (27%), private equity (22%), real estate (18%), and hedge funds (11%). This follows the latest asset allocation numbers for TIGER 21 members, which had public equities, real estate and private equities in the top three positions as of the fourth quarter of 2013.

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Personal finance resolutionsMembers were asked about their 2014 personal finance resolutions. Typical responses include being more proactive and focusing on estate planning. But there are some more interesting responses:

  • Holding more cash in order to be ready for the cycle to change
  • Changing one’s financial advisor
  • Moving ‚Äòlong term’ or liquidity neutral into partnership funds to try to capture illiquidity premiums and hopefully outperform slowing public markets
  • Finish the investment strategy for taxable individual investors