Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s Insights from the TIGER 21 @Home Summit: The Game Changer Sessions



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November 25, 2020


TIGER 21 recently hosted the second installment of its newly-created @Home Summit virtual conference series, titled, “The Game Changer Sessions.”  This virtual conference was held to share perspectives from top visionaries with its 800+ Members from the United States, Canada, and Europe including keynote speaker, NBA Legend, and Successful Entrepreneur Earvin “Magic” Johnson.


Since retiring from the NBA over 20 years ago, the legendary basketball star has morphed into a business powerhouse who has dedicated his life to leaving a positive impact in underserved urban communities as the Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises.  We have shared key highlights, paraphrasing his own words, from his “Game Changer Session” in which Johnson reflected on significant moments in his life and shared top takeaways from his work on and off the court for the benefit of other entrepreneurs and business leaders, including:

  • The Early Years
  • Uniting the Country
  • Business Lessons
  • Making an impact on Urban America, and more.

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