Michael Sonnenfeldt Interviewed by Family Wealth Report for Newest Research on Portfolio Performance Tracking

TIGER 21’s Founder, Michael Sonnenfeldt, was interviewed by Family Wealth Report for its newest research; “Client Reporting: Or is it Client Communications,” in which he discussed the increasing importance of performance reporting for investors. Key takeaways include:

  • Performance reporting is the most important tool advisors can use to build stronger relationships with their clients.
  • It is imperative for investors to have the most recent and accurate financial performance reports in order for them to make well-informed, effective decisions. 
  • The ever-increasing number of online tools and reporting systems available provides several ways of extracting the data necessary to create accurate and up-to-date reports.
  • It is important to recognize an investor’s investment philosophy and objectives in order to understand the role of each facet of his/her portfolio’s makeup.

“Liquidity, and understanding the leverage in a portfolio, and diversification (specifically trying to understand the correlation to market moves where possible) are all important aspects of a portfolio to an investor,” says Sonnenfeldt. “My point is that in the portfolio defense TIGER 21 Members engage in, they are thinking laterally across the portfolio and inter-generationally. I think wealth managers have to really think about ways to display that, because in each of these dimensions there’s a huge spectrum of factors to be examined.”

Read the full article here. (Subscription required.)


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