The TIGER 21 Chair Spotlight introduces you to the remarkable people that make up the TIGER 21 community.  This week, meet Doug Johnson, TIGER 21 Denver Chair.

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Doug Johnson

TIGER 21 Chair,


What made you decide to become a TIGER 21 Chair?
I flew out to New York and met Michael and the TIGER 21 team at the Townhouse.  I could feel the excitement for our mission and see the support we give our Members and our Chairs to deliver a quality educational experience.  I knew then I had made the right choice to start a group in Denver.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of being a TIGER 21 Member?
The network and the Portfolio Defense.  The quality of the Members: the care for their families, their communities and each other; their willingness to be open and vulnerable in a confidential setting to share with and learn from each other; and the collective life experience and camaraderie regardless of where you may be or what group you are in.  A true community. 

Do you have a mentor? Who? What the most valuable piece of wisdom/advice he/she taught you?
I have several mentors for various aspects of my life: Jim Sprout, Lacy Edwards, DuWayne Peterson, my Dad.  Best advice: “Death is the ultimate equalizer.  It’s how we choose to live and love that really matters."

Was there a decision that changed your life?
When my mentor, Jim Sprout invited me to join him at his private trust bank: the pride of ownership and to be part of building something new. 

What is your best piece of advice for a young wealth creator?
Stay humble, commit to life-long learning, and remember that no one became poor by helping others. 

What lesson did you learn the hard way that you would like to share to help others?
Stop “should-ing” on myself.  Don't be afraid to be you and be different.  If everyone did what they “should” we’d never advance or innovate. 

Fun Facts:

Last book you read
“We Have Mojo” by Raul Deju and others

Favorite Book
Lincoln’s Letters by Abraham Lincoln

Favorite Investment
My education

Favorite Place you have travelled
Always NYC

Favorite Food
Anything I cook for my sons

Five words to describe yourself
Kind, Listener, Connector, Helpful, Encouraging

Favorite Innovation
The printing press


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