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July 20, 2016

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The TIGER 21 Chair Spotlight introduces you to the remarkable people that make up the TIGER 21 community. This week, meet Rick Harig, TIGER 21 Chicago Chair.

Rick Harig

Rick Harig
TIGER 21 Chair

How did you get involved/introduced to TIGER 21?

I was introduced to TIGER 21 in 2002. I had been working as a Legacy Strategist‚Ñ¢ for families around the U.S. Upon completion of an engagement with a New York family, I was referred to the founders of TIGER 21 as a speaker and resource for TIGER Members. I served in this capacity until 2013, when I was asked to launch TIGER 21 in Chicago.

What made you decide to become a TIGER 21 Chair?

I was already working with TIGER Members, but thought that the Collective Intelligence‚Ñ¢ of peer-to-peer learning would accomplish more than I could on my own.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of being a TIGER 21 Member?

  • Everyone needs a tribe. A learning forum of financial and intellectual peers provides the kind of mirror that helps us see ourselves in critical ways.
  • Even the best advisors only know what they know. The power of insight and access takes on new meaning when best practices and investments are shared with peers smarter than we are with nothing to sell.
  • True wealth is found in true friends. While a true friend is an uncommon find, the transparency within our Group makes TIGER turf fertile ground for finding one.

Who was the most important speaker you have seen and why?

Alan Barnhart. Alan set a ceiling on his income, when he became President of his father’s company with twelve employees. 27 years later, he has 1,000 employees, $350M in annual sales, and gives $20M annually to charity. Why important? I have never been so challenged to mobilize more resources to change the world.

What is your best piece of advice for a young wealth creator?

Discover who you are and what you are here to do with what you have been given

What is your greatest concern about the market?

The impotence of central bank monetary policy.

What lesson did you learn the hard way that you would like to share to help others?

Not understanding earlier the importance of partners and mentors as I built my business.

Fun Facts:
Last book you read

The Defining Decade, Why Your Twenties Matter and What to Do About it Now

Favorite Place you have travelled

Austria. I have lived there three times in my adult life.

Favorite Food

Spanish Tapas

Five words to describe yourself

Forever young, learning, adventuring, aspiring

Favorite Innovation

A biometric cyber card – no more passwords, no more user IDs, no more qualms