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November 30, 2016

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TIGER 21 announced the results of its seventh annual Member Favorites Survey today. The survey begins by asking Members to share their current asset allocation and then asks Members to share their top 5 favorite investments, their favorite wealth advisors, and the sources they rely upon for financial information. Key takeaways include:

  • At 30%, Public Equities was the most popular asset class represented by Members favorite investments, with Financials, Technology and Energy representing the most popular public equity sectors of these favored investments.
  • Real Estate took the second favorite spot, representing 27% of the favored investments noted by Members and was once again the largest allocation recorded for the survey at 28%.
  • Private Equity investments remained as the third most popular asset class of the favorite investments noted, at 17% of Members’ favorite investments, and moved to second-most allocated asset class this year at 21%. When asked about their Private Equity asset allocations, over two thirds of Member’s private equity investments are direct investments into Members’ own or other private companies.
  • While 89% of Members’ current portfolios are focused on North American investments, 50% of planned investments over the next year are estimated to be international.
  • 68% of TIGER 21 Members believe that they will utilize a wealth advisor at one point or another.

View Executive Summary here.