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June 22, 2016

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The TIGER 21 Member Spotlight introduces you to the remarkable people that make up the TIGER 21 community. This week, meet Howard Morgan, Partner and Co-Founder of First Round Capital and TIGER 21 New York Member.

Howard Morgan
Partner and Co-Founder of
First Round Capital
TIGER 21 Member, New York

What made you decide to become a TIGER 21 Member?

I wanted to learn how some of my peers were handling key issues, such as generational control of wealth, building family offices, and educating the next generation in both investing and charitable giving.

What are the benefits of being a TIGER 21 Member?

I find the meetings to be a real source of information about investment areas I had ignored through the years. Real estate was not a forte of mine, and the many TIGER members who are in the space have taught me lots. The other members provide a caring and understanding group with whom I can discuss some of the issues of wealth in a non threatening manner. They’re not after any of mine, nor I of theirs, we all just want to help each other realize our life goals.

What was the most positive choice you made that led to your success?

I have picked a number of great partners, from my wife to those I’ve started businesses with, and understood what responsibilities I was suited for, and which to leave to them.

Was there a decision that changed your life?

The decision that most changed my life was declining a fellowship to MIT for graduate school in Physics, and going to Cornell for Operations Research and Computer Science when computers were in their infancy.I’ve had a front row seat in everything from minicomputers and PCs to the Internet.

What is the biggest risk you took that paid off?

The biggest riskItook was resigning my tenured faculty position at the University of PA to startRenaissanceTechnologies with Jim Simons. My father and others could not understand howI could give up a lifetime job. But, in the end, it paid off handsomely.

Fun Facts:
Last book you read

The Perfume Collector, by Kathleen Tessaro. It’s a beautiful novel set in New York, England and Paris in the 20s through 50s, with a quite interesting plot.

Favorite Book

My favorite book is “The Discoverers” by Daniel Boorstin

Favorite Investment

With over 500 private company investments through the years, I have to love all my children, but Uber has been both a great investment and a life changing innovation that I use several times a day

Favorite place you have travelled

We spend 10 days each year on St. John’s in the USVI at Caneel Bay. It’s paradise.

Favorite Food

Grilled cheese for comfort, caviar for luxury

Five words to describe you

Inquisitive, musical, kind, smart, passionate

Favorite Innovation

The internet