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December 20, 2023

The Power of Networks 

TIGER 21 Networks, both Investment and Lifestyle focused, have become a popular way for TIGER 21’s ultra-high-net-worth Member community to connect and engage with each other, typically virtually, outside of their regional Groups.  

Recently, the TIGER 21 Real Estate Network’ (REN) held its first in-person event in Denver. REN is TIGER 21’s largest Network, with 575+ Members, led by TIGER 21 Chair Jack Mueller. Regular Network calls enable Members to hear from subject matter experts (often sourced from within their own ranks), share industry insights, and dive deep on topics such as strategies for managing and mitigating rising insurance costs, anticipating the costs and valuation impacts of new climate sustainability regulations, or the outlook for commercial properties in specific geographic regions. 

Additionally, through the calls and online Discussions and Chat on T21 Connect, TIGER 21’s Member-exclusive app, Members exchange recommendations on brokers and financing resources, and seek guidance on developments. They also connect with each other for business opportunities. 

Because real estate is such a large investment category,  Network Members decided to further organize into smaller, more focused industry subclasses enabling those with similar interests to share expertise and derive meaningful benefit plus a personally tailored experience from their Network membership.   

As a follow-up to that decision, multifamily emerged as the first official REN subclass, for Members who are currently owners, operators, already invested, or who are actively considering investing in the industry.  

Building Connections 

This inaugural Multifamily Meetup event in Denver brought together an intimate group of Members for focused discussions and presentations plus informal networking. Attendees included owners and operators of multifamily real estate, general partners and limited partners, private equity fund managers as well as Members with expertise in other real estate subclasses such as self-storage, land development, and mobile homes. Most named learning as one of their key motivators for attending. 

The agenda included a mix of interactive presentations and free-form discussions on financing multifamily developments, individual investment opportunities, return perspectives, the macroeconomic outlook and trajectory for longer-term interest rates, and an innovative new method U.S. based investors can use to tap unexpected international markets such as Australia for funding. 

Highlights included: 

  • Breakout discussions on lender activity, mezzanine debt, and return trends 
  • Sessions focused on financing, investing, and asset and property management strategies 
  • Pitches on investment opportunities, where Members were able to present and solicit feedback on deals they were currently marketing
  • A leisurely family-style dinner at the newly Bib Gourmand-listed Tavernetta

What’s Next for Networks? 

Subclass Members are planning to hold regular virtual calls and to meet in person again during the 2024 Global Exchange.  What might a future Meetup look like?  It might include a mix of structured and more autonomous discussions such as the terms and structure of a closed deal and/or some of the detailed practicalities of managing multifamily properties – for instance, best practices on optimizing leasing management. 

Click here for a full list of TIGER 21’s Lifestyle and Investment Networks, and learn more about the Member Experience. 

About the Author  

Deborah Adeyanju, CFA, CFP ® is the Investment Networks Manager at TIGER 21. As the key ambassador for the Investment Networks and T21 Invest on TIGER 21’s exclusive Member App – T21 Connect, Deborah helps shape Members’ online experience. She is responsible for engaging and activating Members, curating content, and sharing thought leadership, and encouraging conversations and connections throughout the wider TIGER 21 community.  

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