TIGER 21's CEO on How Wealthy Investors Are Playing the Markets

TIGER 21's CEO, Barbara Goodstein, appeared on Fox Business to discuss how wealthy investors are handling the current market environment and what sectors they believe will generate higher returns. Key takeaways include:

  • Investors and entrepreneurs join TIGER 21 to learn how to diversify their investment portfolios so that they can weather market fluctuations.
  • TIGER 21 Members are less susceptible to market changes because they only have 21% of their portfolios in public equities.
  • Passive investments such as ETFs are rising in popularity among TIGER 21 Members because they are cost-effective.
  • TIGER 21 Members have increased their real estate holdings to 32%. Real estate gives Members the opportunity to have non-homogenous holdings and to have active participation – you can own it, it’s tangible, and it’s income producing.

Watch the full interview below:

2017-06-07 - Fox Business BG Interview



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