TIGER 21's Founder on Bloomberg Radio to Discuss How Wealthy Investors are Handling the Current Market Environment

TIGER 21's Founder and Chairman, Michael Sonnenfeldt, appeared on Bloomberg Radio to discuss how wealthy investors are handling the current market environment and TIGER 21 Member’s thoughts on Hedge Funds, Real Estate and Private Equity. Key takeaways include:

  • TIGER 21 Member’s Hedge Fund investments are at an all-time low.

o    Members are leaving Hedge Funds because of the high fees and low performance

o    Hedge Funds investors might come back if interest rates rise.

  • Our Members have increased allocation to Real Estate and are now allocating at an all-time-high of 33%.

o    Members are looking for income and they can get higher income from Real Estate than they can from stocks and bonds.

  • Private Equity is at 21% of our Members asset allocation, vast majority in existing business, but likely only 5% of the Private Equity investments are in start-ups.

o    Members are concerns at the high evaluations of start-ups.

o    Members are looking for operating businesses that are past the start-up phase, so they can use their experience and add an edge.

  • TIGER 21 Member’s Equity allocation is very high, over 70%.


Click here to listen to Michael's segment. 


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