TIGER 21's Founder on Donald Trump's Presidency and How Members Are Positioning Their Portfolios in the Current Market

TIGER 21's Founder, Michael Sonnenfeldt, was interviewed by The New York Times, where he discussed Members' reactions to Donald Trump's presidency, concerns among wealthy investors, and what TIGER 21 Members are doing to take advantage of the current investment market.  Key takeaways from the article include:

  • Common concerns among wealthy investors in the U.S. include the challenges of potential interest rate shocks, a China implosion, geopolitical situations, and the political situation in the U.S. The presidential election has only heightened these concerns, creating uncertainty in the global economy.
  • TIGER 21 Members are aiming for higher returns by taking their money out of public markets and investing in private equity deals.
  • Rather than investing in overseas adventures, TIGER 21 Members are focusing on American businesses, allocating a large percentage to real estate.
  • Investment decisions have to be made during this low-interest-rate environment; not doing anything is the worst response.

Read the full article here.


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