TIGER 21's Founder on Recent Asset Allocation Trends in Real Estate and Private Equity

TIGER 21’s Founder, Michael Sonnenfeldt, appeared on CNBC’s Power Lunch to discuss recent asset allocation trends based on TIGER 21 Members’ Quarterly Asset Allocation Survey. Key takeaways include:

    • Real Estate and Private equity have gone up dramatically.

o   Private Equity (21% up from 10%)

o   Real Estate (32% up from mid 20s)

o   Public Equity (20% down from 26%)

o   Cash at lowest level since Jan 2000

    • What companies are they investing in?

o   Indexes and ETFs are two of the top five holdings, with 60% of the market being held by ETFs.

o   Most TIGER 21 Members created wealth, sold a business and now are looking to invest over the long-term, not looking at daily or quarterly fluctuations.

o   TIGER 21 Members are cautiously optimistic about the economy. 

Watch the full interview below:





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