TIGER 21 Chairs are independent contractors. Each Chair can determine his or her time commitment and income requirements.

TIGER 21 provides new Chairs with training, a set of proven tools and techniques and resources to build and lead high-impact and financially rewarding peer groups based on 18 years of experience.

The benefits of being a TIGER 21 Chair are numerous. Chairs have the ability to earn a six-figure income from building and leading one group (typically one week per month). Many Chairs lead multiple groups and further enhance their income from TIGER 21. Other benefits include:

  • Personal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment being a key part of improving the well-being and lives of TIGER 21 Members
  • The ability to expand and leverage your business and personal network
  • Alignment with the most exclusive brand in the peer group learning sector
  • The opportunity to enhance and expand your own investment and financial expertise
  • Becoming part of an elite community of TIGER 21 Chairs, who are their own community of interesting and successful people

If you are interested in learning more about TIGER 21, please complete the contact form and you will receive a copy of our most recent Asset Allocation Report.